Working with discerning customers in and around Calgary, Ravenwood Developers specializes in high-end renovations and the design/construction of custom homes. We could say more, but we prefer to let the quality of our work speak for itself.

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About Us

Ravenwood Developers is a Calgary based home renovations company.

Our company founder is a journeyman carpenter with a personal interest in design and furniture making, so our obsession with detail comes naturally.

A lifetime of experience in commercial and residential construction means we can also see how a change to the smallest detail can impact the big picture.

These attributes, combined with our proven process, have attracted a growing number of customers and allowed us to build our business by working on projects we can truly be proud of. Ravenwood is fully Licensed with the City of Calgary.





At Ravenwood Developers, expertise and practical experience combine to make our
customer’s dreams become reality, delivering superior quality at price they can afford.

Our Process

Building on a lifetime of experience in the construction industry and three years as a general contractor we believe that, when it comes to successfully building, renovating or expanding a home, the single most important thing is communication. At Ravenwood Developers we apply a rigorous process to ensure the right information gets communicated to the right people at the right time.

Initial Consultations

Our customers know what they want. The initial consultation helps us understand the scope of the project and provides the basis for a preliminary estimate. It’s also where we develop an understanding of our customers’ lifestyle and what really matters to them. We can also begin to identify site conditions that may impact project scope.

Preliminary Estimate

The preliminary estimate provides an ‘order of magnitude’ for the project. It marries what the customer wants with an estimate of costs based on our years of industry experience and current conditions in the Calgary market that affect everything from labour to the price and availability of materials.

Materials Selection

Materials selection allows us to develop a more detailed and accurate quote. For many of our customers, this is the fun part. We’ll set you up with our suppliers to develop a detailed list of fixtures, finishes and materials. Some of our customers choose to complete this on their own, but many have a preferred designer. We can also recommend a designer that we work with regularly.


At this point we have enough information to provide a final quote for the project. If the quote is acceptable, we present a contract and take an initial deposit. Any changes to the project scope or details that impact cost will be thoroughly discussed with the customer and a change order issued to adjust the quote. Similarly, unanticipated site conditions that impact cost will also be discussed with the customer and a change order issued.


Building, renovating or expanding a home is a complex process that involves the efforts of many skilled trades, from framers, plumbers and electricians to tile setters, metal workers and many others. Timing is everything. We work with a preferred roster of these trades whose work we know we can stand behind and who we know will be there when they say they will. We never sacrifice quality for the sake of ‘just getting the job done.’


A project is complete when the work specified in the contract is complete and any construction deficiencies have been identified and resolved. At this point, we present a final bill for the project. We provide a two-year warranty on labour and materials, and conduct a review of our work at the one-year mark.


"Exceptional attention to detail and service. Ryley and team are a rare find in terms of a contractor service that you can trust will get the job done on time and budget, while meeting or exceeding quality expectations."
- richardgarthurs via HomeStars

"I had specific finishes that I wanted and Ryley worked with me to accomplish them. They have the skills and attention to detail to provide custom finishing. They were on time and professional at all times and I can recommend them without hesitation."
 - Susan L. via HomeStars

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